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The Alobahe handbag is handwoven with straw called Kinkahe in Bolgatanga, Ghana. The shape is like a mochi and opens like a coconut and a clasp to close with one handle for flexible movement. This product supports a community with employment, educational opportunities for the children and improve the work environment.
inside view of the Alobahe handbag
closer look of the clasp to close the Alobahe handbag
full view of the Alobahe handbag held high

A l o b a h e

h a n d b a g
~  made with Kinkahe straw
~  handwoven by artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana
~  it takes 8-10 days to make
~  measures approx. length 8in x height 7in (closed) x handle 5.5in
~  this purchase creates employment opportunities, supports the educational system within the community
A l o b a h e

A l o b a h e

A l o b a h e
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